The Source code


Flexemu and FLEXplorer are developed under the terms of the GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENCE V2.


The project has been completely developed using modern C++. It compiles with the current GNU/clang C++ compiler. The source distribution is based on autotools for easy compilation/installation on linux and also contains a Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 solution.

The Classes

Much thanks for Ray Bellis and L.C. Benschop for their MC6809 emulation sources.
No class library (except for wxWidgets) have been used to be more independant for porting to new platforms. The model classes are completely separated from the GUI. On Linux there is a special mode available to work completely without a GUI. All input/output can be handled by a terminal.

Requirements for Flexemu

Either a Linux box with at least an X11-Server is needed. For Win32 everything is based on the pure Win32 API.

Requirements for FLEXplorer and FSetup

These programs have a more complex GUI and therefore wxWidgets has been used. It provides an (almost) platform independant programming environment for creating complex GUIs. To compile wxWidgets on Linux also the Gimp Toolkit (GTK) is needed. Most of the current Linux distributions have it included. Otherwise it can be downloaded from

My Linux Configuration to develop Flexemu/FLEXplorer

For Flexemu V2.15:

For Flexemu V2.22:

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