flexemu and fsetup running on Windows98 displaying directory contents

FLEXplorer on Windows98 with multiple open file containers.

flexemu with crown, a slot machine simulation running on Solaris 9 x86

FLEXplorer running on Solaris 9 x86

flexemu on WindowsNT running a Pacman Clone

flexemu within Fedora Core 1 running Prokyon, a Space shoot them up game

FLEXplorer running on Fedora Core 1

A session within SuSE 9.0/KDE running flexemu and FLEXplorer with wine-20040309 compiling a C program

A session within FreeBSD 5.1/Gnome with FLEXplorer, fsetup and flexemu running a CAD Print board layout system

A session within Knoppix 3.3/KDE with multiple flexemu's running: a Space Invaders Clone *), Master Mind, Astroid Clone, Sargon Chess **) and a Picture of a weather card taken form the weather satellite NOAA. On Unix/Linux flexemu can also be run on a simple terminal without user interface.

*) Developed by Martin Philp
**) As I know it was developed for a Z80 an then translated to a MC6809.

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