Last update: 20220501 (1. May 2022)

Flexemu - A MC6809 Emulator running FLEX

Current Version: 3.10

What is Flexemu

Flexemu is a classic Computer emulation based on the Motorola MC6809.

This processor together with a whole set of peripherals like floppy disk controller (WD1793), parallel interface (MC6821), serial interface (MC6850), real time clock (MC146818) and video interface emulates a Microcomputer EurocomII/V5 or EurocomII/V7 which was developed by Eltec Elektronik in Mainz/Germany at about 1980.

The operating system running on it is called FLEX. It was developed by Technical Systems Consultants (TSC) at about 1979. It fits into 8KByte memory. Its "Disk Operating System" consists of 27 System calls and the "File Management System" of 3 system calls. The processor itself can address 64 KByte of memory.

Several (cross) assemblers, debugger, compilers, textprocessing systems, and even a circuit board layout system and a videotext editing system are available. And last but not least several arcade-like games.

Flexemu comes with the original FLEX documentation as available from the FLEX User Group


Please notice that this project was developed under the terms of the GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENCE V2.

The Author

If you have any questions, problems, or suggestions don't hesitate to eMail to W. Schwotzer

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